Pad Lock for Nitro/Stout Faucets

Pad Lock for Nitro/Stout Faucets
Brand: Krome Dispense
Part Number: FA802-L
Price: $14.95 List Price: $19.99

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PadLock for Nitro/Stout Faucets

Secure unauthorized beer handling with this padlock.

The Nitro Stout Faucet Lock can be used on both Taprite Brand or Krome Dispense Stout Faucet with this padlock.  This lock is used to secure your nitro stout faucet from being poured when used with the Stout Faucet Lock

Simple Brass body with hardened steel U-latch with three-set alike keys. Place the Locking bracket in position, covering the faucet spout. Lock the two arms coming around the tap shank connector with the padlock and you have locked away any chance of beer theft.

  • Padlock with 3 set alike keys
  • Use with Stout faucet locking bracket
  • Doesn’t lock the faucet directly. Hence no damage to the faucet with the padlock.
  • Brass body and SS U latch.

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