Dual In-Line Draft Beverage Gas Leak Indicator

Dual In-Line Draft Beverage Gas Leak Indicator
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Part Number: IL-LD-2
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DUAL In-Line Draft Beverage Gas Leak Indicator

Quickly and easily tell when you have a leak in your draft beverage system.  This little device clamps in-line on your gas line in your draft beverage system and can indicate when you have a small or large leak in your system.  A small leak, where you can lose roughly 1/2 cuft per hour of gas, waste more gas in one day than it would take to dispense 2 full kegs of beer.  

Save time and money knowing if/when you have leaks in your beverage system! 

  • 3/8" Stainless Steel Barbs on the Input and Output
  • Monitor 2 separate lines at the same time.
What does an In-Line Gas Leak Detector do for your draft beverage system? 

An in-line gas leak detector works by continuously monitoring the flow of gas through a pipeline or tubing and detecting any changes in gas concentration that could indicate a leak.

Typically, an in-line gas leak detector uses a sensor to measure the gas concentration at two points in the pipeline. The first point is located upstream of the potential leak source, and the second point is downstream of the potential leak source. By comparing the gas concentration at these two points, the detector can determine if there is a leak and where it is located.

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