Dual Faucet Jockey Box with 50' Stainless Steel Coils

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Dual Faucet Jockey Box with 50' Stainless Steel Coils
Brand: Fermentap
Part Number: JB-2
Price: $279.95 List Price: $299.99

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2 Tap Jockey Box with 50' Stainless Steel Chilling Coils

Introducing our dual tap jockey box, a must-have companion for keeping your beer refreshingly cold for hours on end. Whether you're off on a camping adventure, gearing up for tailgating fun, or simply hosting a gathering at home, this portable dispensing system is your ticket to chilled perfection.

Designed for convenience and versatility, our jockey box features an insulated cooler paired with two 50' x 3/8" stainless steel coils, along with shanks and beer line clamps. Notably, we've opted not to include faucets or tap handles as standard, allowing you the freedom to customize with your preferred models.

What sets our draft box apart is our innovative use of larger 3/8" OD stainless steel tubing, offering a host of benefits. This larger diameter tubing ensures rapid cooling of a greater volume of beer, all while requiring minimal CO2 pressure for dispensing. With just 10-15 psi needed from the CO2 tank, you can enjoy consistent pours without the worry of over carbonation, even during extended periods of use.

Storage and transport are a breeze thanks to our streamlined design, which eliminates the need for shanks on the back side of the box. With snug seals and hassle-free line management, you'll appreciate the ease of setup wherever you go.

For optimal performance, a few tips can make all the difference. Keeping the beer at a low psi helps prevent over-carbonation, while ice water proves most effective for cooling the coils. And remember, unlike draft boxes with cooling plates, ours is best used with the drain valve closed to maintain cooling efficiency.

To get started, simply pair our jockey box with the appropriate keg couplers or quick disconnects, along with a CO2 system comprising a tank and regulator. With these essentials in place, you're all set to elevate your beer dispensing experience wherever your adventures take you.

Cheers to cold, crisp pours every time!

We do not use shanks on the back side of our boxes. We drill holes slightly smaller than the line size so that a tight seal is created but you can still pull the line in when not in use, without having a wrench on hand. This makes storage and transport extremely easy. You will appreciate not having lines flopping everywhere. 
You will need to purchase the appropriate tap for your needs, be it commercial or homebrew quick disconnects. You will also need a CO2 system, comprised of a CO2 tank and regulator.

Tips For Best Results:

  • It is much more likely for a beer left at a high psi to over-carbonate (become foamy) than a beer left at a low psi to lose carbonation. The reason is that gas will always keep coming from the regulator until the gas/beer pressure have reached an equilibrium, so over time the high psi setting becomes the pressure in the beer. However, for a beer to lose carbonation it has to come out of solution into the headspace in the keg. Because the head-space is limited, only so much CO2 can come out, and the keg pressure will not drop all the way down to the lower regulator pressure on its own. This is the reason that if you have over-carbonated a beer you have to repeatedly vent the keg, reducing the pressure in the headspace to 0, and allowing more gas to escape from the beer.
  • For the best performance when using a draft box, tests have shown that ice water is actually the most effective at cooling the coils. So, as the ice melts, DO NOT OPEN THE VALVE ON THE COOLER. Draft boxes with Cooling Plates (stainless coil embedded in aluminum) are designed to work with the valve open, ours is not.

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