Draftec Beverage Acid Line Cleaner (Red)

Draftec Beverage Acid Line Cleaner (Red)
Brand: Draftec
Part Number: LC-DTAR
Price: $21.95 List Price: $24.99

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Draftec Beverage Acid Line Cleaner (Red)

Regarded as one of the strongest line cleaning products in the USA!  Draftec line cleaner is ideal for beer lines and all hard water applications.  

Draftec's proprietary additive package was designed to attack every element of beer stone when beer breaks down in your draft lines. Draftec will eliminate mineral crystals, hops resins, proteins, carbohydrates and biofilms that are embedded in the polymers of the draft beverage tubing.  Having these elements built up in your draft lines, will increase foaming in your beer pours.  Ensure proper pours by cleaning your draft lines with draft tech acid lines cleaners. 

Draftec is 100% American Owned and Manufactured cleaning products.  The line-up of draft beverage line cleaning products are ideal for cleaning your beer lines and maintaining the perfectly poured beer.  

Beer stone can build up in your draft lines and will affect your beer pours and can increase foaming in the lines.  The Draftec acid line cleaning solution breaks down beer stone and other build-up that occur in your lines helping to maintain the smoothest and best pours. 

  • 32 oz. Bottle
  • Resists corrosion in stainless steel tanks
  • Lowest foam formula, leaves surfaces free of any build-up

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