Draft Cocktail Keg Mixing Base - SpinStick™

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Draft Cocktail Keg Mixing Base - SpinStick™
Brand: Micro Matic
Part Number: SS-7780-4
Price: $799.95 List Price: $849.99

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Draft Cocktail Keg Mixing Base - SpinStick™

The Beverage Mixer Machine with SpinStick™ 9" Diameter uses innovative technology to transform regular cocktail kegs into continuous blending stations for pre-mixed cocktails. It prevents separation and settling, even with pulpy or seeded recipes. Easily set it up by placing a magnetic stir bar or SpinStick™ in the mixing tank and putting it on the machine – the SpinStick™ starts spinning in moments.

Create a unique beverage program with ease! Serve consistently delicious kegged cocktails like mojitos or mimosas on tap, ensuring quick service regardless of the bartender. This boosts efficiency, speed, and quality, leading to improved profits.

The watertight base is entirely electronic, with no moving parts to wear out, pumps to clog, or seals to leak. The power supply uses a single outlet, providing a low 12V voltage to the bases. In case of a power outage, a separate power extension (sold separately) can be used to connect to the nearest power source. Expand to four bases with a power splitter.

The machine, designed with a 9" diameter, accommodates 9 and 18-liter micromatic cocktail kegs and Corny kegs (however modifications of the pickup tube will need to be made to not interfere with the mixing pill). At just 3.25" tall, four 9" bases fit into a 25.5" keg box with a single low-voltage wire exiting the cooler. Guides on the base help center and stabilize the tanks.


  • Effortlessly blend pre-mixed cocktails with "Vortex Technology"
  • Securely seat the Beverage Tank™ (sold separately) on a proprietary motor base
  • Expand the number of bases up to four using a single-corded power supply
  • Works on most tanks with no moving parts
  • Four bases can fit in a keg box
  • Single base power: 120V at 1A
  • Splitter power supply (sold separately): 120V at 1.5A
  • Made of durable 18-gauge 304-grade stainless steel
  • Water-tight power connectors
  • Uses a single outlet with low power consumption
  • Easy installation
  • Includes (1) FDA-compliant magnetic SpinStick™ stirrer
  • NSF certified


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