Can you serve cold brew coffee and kombucha from the same kegerator?

Absolutely! However you will need 2 different gases (Nitrogen and CO2).

Serving both cold brew and kombucha from the same kegerator is easy.  The only thing you really need to worry about with this setup is the gas uses.  Cold Brew Coffee/Nitro Coffee, will use pure nitrogen gas (N), while kombucha will use CO2.  You absolutely do not want to use CO2 in coffee on draft.  It will bitter your coffee and give a bad mouth-feel.

With both cold brew coffee and kombucha on draft, you want to make sure you are using all stainless steel components due to the acidity in them.  Be sure not to buy less expensive chrome plated brass components.  The will corrode.

These Cold Brew Coffee Kegerators are setup with all SS components and come with the appropriate nitrogen tank regulator for serving cold brew and or nitro coffee on draft.  If you are looking to use one of the taps for kombucha, you will need to add a CO2 regulator (with 5/16” Barb) and a CO2 tank to the setup so you have both gas types.

Lastly, you just need to confirm the keg type that your kombucha and cold brew will be coming in.  If you are buying kombucha from a local company it will likely be coming in a commercial Sanke D keg.  Cold brew and nitro coffee we see distributed in both commercial sanke d kegs, as well as ball lock corny kegs very regularly.  If you are brewing and kegging your own cold brew and kombucha, you will likely want to just use ball lock corny kegs.  These kegs have a large lid on top that easily pops off and allows you to get inside to clean and fill.  Commercial kegs need specialized pressurized equipment for filling and cleaning.  Once you determine what kegs types you will be getting your product in, just make sure the connection type on the kegerator you are getting matches.

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