CM Becker Secondary Regulator - Ten Product, 10 Pressure

CM Becker Secondary Regulator - Ten Product, 10 Pressure
Brand: CM Becker
Part Number: RG9S10
Price: $599.95 List Price: $699.95

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CMBecker 10 Pressure, 10 Product Secondary Regulator

CMBecker offers a line of high-precision regualtors for beverage dispense. The lineup of secondary regulators will give you accurate pressure settings with dependable service. 

This CMBecker ten body secondary regulator gives you the option to set individual pressure on up to 5 different beverages. With an operating range from 0-60psi, the secondary regualtor bank will allow you to serve everything from lightly carbonated beer to highly carbonated soda, and so much more. Additionally, you'll quickly be able to add or remove pressure to an individual product line using the built-in pressure relief valve on each body. Dial in your beverages to your desired specs quickly and accurately with a CMBecker secondary regulator. CMBecker secondary regulators come with mounting brackets affixed to the back of the regulator for easy mounting within your walkin cooler, kegerator or keezer. 

CMBecker Secondary Regulators Features

  • Designed and manufactured in Germany, Portugal and United States
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Stainless steel body
  • Built-in manual pressure relief valve
  • Designed for commercial and home applications - beer, soda, wine, coffee, kombucha and more
  • Keep consistent pressure with the integrated locking pressure knob
  • Built-in internal filter helps to keep contaminants out and the regulator functioning smoothly
  • Features a 1/4" MFL outlet(s) with shutoff and checkvalve (select swivel nut to barb options to customize for your hose size)
  • Completely serviceable - designed for long-term use
  • Industry leading 5-year warranty offered through CMBecker

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RG9S10 CM Becker Secondary Regulator - Ten Product, 10 Pressure $599.95 Add to Cart

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