Enhanced Beverage Solutions

Enhanced Beverage Solutions is a team of owners, operators, engineers and consultants from the specialty coffee, craft beer, and fine wine industries. The EBS mission is to create outstanding value propositions for our customers. Enhanced Beverage Solutions provides an unparalleled opportunity to increase business efficiency while continually improving the quality and consistency of beverages served.

The Nitro Infuser distributed by Keg Outlet

There is nothing better than pouring a beautifully cascading glass of Nitro Cold Brew -- and we know first hand the struggles that can go into getting that perfectly cascading pour. We know the drudgery of shaking partially-filled kegs and we know the embarrassment of serving not-so-nitro cold brew. All too well, we know the pain of spending large on expensive modules only to see them underperform. So we went back to the drawing board. After all, necessity is the mother of invention.

The Nitro Infuser is a great solution for customers and companies who already have a draft system in place but need to increase the quality and consistency of nitro pours. Learn more about Enhanced Beverage Solutions Nitro Infuser.

Nitro Infused Tap Towers distributed by Keg Outlet

Building on the success of the Nitro Infuser and creating a solution for new shops, mobile carts and fresh installations, our line of Nitro Infused Towers are the perfect solution for perfect nitro pours with no-fuss. Learn more about Nitro Infused Tap Towers.

Empowered Kegerators distributed by Keg Outlet

Looking for an "out-of-the-box" solution for nitro coffee? Look no further than our lineup of Empowered Kegerators! These kegerators are configured with the Nitro Infusers so you don't have to worry about pre-infusing your coffee with nitrogen. Learn more about Empowered Kegerators.

Cleaning Equipment & Sanitizing

Cleaning and sanitizing is a necessity when homebrewing. Any equipment that touches your beer should always be cleaned and sanitized. Cleaning your equipment means that it should be free of soap and oil residue, though common dishsoap can be used for cleaning, there are better alternatives that are specifically made for home brewing which are free from chlorine, phosphates and other chemicals that could potentially affect the quality and appearance of your beer. Sanitizing your equipment is a necessity. Any equipment that comes in contact with your beer after it has been boiled should always be sanitized, this reduces and eliminates the amount of bacteria present in your brewing system which will allow the yeast to flourish during fermentation.

Browse our list of keg sanitizirs, keg cleaning equipment, beer line cleaning products and food grade lubricants by selecting a category below.

Good Beer Starts with Cleaning & Sanitization

Don't overlook this extremely important step in the quality, taste, flavor and aroma of your beer. Keep your equipment properly cleaned and sanitized for the best tasting beer possible.