Can I install the NitroNow Nitro Infuser on my existing kegerator?

If you've already got a kegerator that you're using to serve nitro coffee, you'll be happy to know that the NitroNow Nitro Infuser will work for you.

That is the beauty of the NitroNow Nitro Infuser - it can work with existing draft systems. This unit installs inline with your existing setup with with easy. It's as simple as mounting the Nitro Infuser inside your kegerator with the included mounting pad, and cutting your draft and gas lines and attaching them to the nitro infuser with the provided clamps.

The Nitro Infuser is installed in-line on your existing nitro line. Basic installation:

  • Cut existing beverage line in half (after disconnecting from keg)
  • Cut existing gas line in half (after turning off pressure and disconnecting from gas source)
  • Clamp gas hose from regulator to inlet side of the Nitro Infuser
  • Clamp the output gas hose to the barbed side of the air splitter
  • Clamp the beverage line coming from the keg to the keg inlet on the Nitro Infuser
  • Clamp the beverage output line going to the faucet to the output/tap barb on the Nitro Infuser

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