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The Brew Bomb X45 Cold Brew System
delivering commercial quantities of cold brew coffee brewed to precise standards

With an extremely versatile batch capacity of 2.5 to 60 gallons and brew cycles as short as 1 hour, The Brew Bomb is a multipurpose brewer. Everything from small batch Geishas to commercial batch concentrates can be easily crafted.

The brewer’s simple design is self filtering and the brew process, coffee in and spent grinds out, is simplified. 15 minutes to clean up and prepare another batch is easily managed.

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Precision Nozzle
High precision spray nozzle yields equal dispersion across the entire bed of coffee grounds for maximum extraction.

Precision Drip Technology

Improves Efficiency
Articulating Arm
The articulating under arm on the system makes cleanup a breeze by easily allowing spent grounds to be dumped.
No more lifting heavy, wet grounds.

Articulating Arm

Spent Ground Dump
Brew Control Panel
The control panel has a digital interface that allows the brew master to specifically dial in a brew profile.

Digital Interface

Precise Brewing

The Brew Bomb...
Innovating the way that cold brew coffee is produced.

Brilliant Cup Quality

Precise Brewing

New Technology

Faster Brew Times

Increased Efficiency

Precise Brew Settings

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We stopped all other cold brew methods and started brewing 100% on the Brew Bomb.

Mike Perry Klatch Coffee — California

The brewer is working fantastic. Thank you so much for making it!

Benjamin Cram Fernwood Coffee — Victoria, BC

We were able to replace 20 Toddy buckets with one Brew Bomb cold brew system.

Todd Goldsworthy Klatch Coffee — California

The brewer has been a huge success! We couldn't be happier with the product and the service.

Jesse Daino Recess Coffee — New York

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Find out how the Brew Bomb can augment your cold brew arsenal

Brew Bomb Setup

The Brew Bomb system is quite a bit different than most other cold brew systems on the market. Make sure you watch our setup video prior to beginning with your Brew Bomb system.

After the Brew Bomb system has been setup, it's time to fill the system with coffee. It is important to pre-infuse the coffee with water. This will allow even flow of water throughout the coffee bed which maximizes extraction.

Brewing with the Brew Bomb

After the Brew Bomb system has been setup, it's time to fill the system with coffee. It is important to pre-infuse the coffee with water. This will allow even drainage of water throughout the coffee bed without creating drainage channels - this will help maximize your extraction.

Brew Bomb Clean Up

The Brew Bomb cold brew system has revolutionized the cold brew process, but beyond that, it has simplified the cleanup process.

Using the articulating arm and the platten, you'll be able to open the bottom of the brew cylinder to dump the spent grounds.

Programming the Brew Bomb

Programming the Brew Bomb's precision brewing control is a simple process as the brew controller does most of the calculation for you. Simply build your brew profile by inputting your yield, brew time and the amount of coffee you are charging the system with. Press Run, dial in the target flow and you'll be making cold brew.

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