Atosa is dedicated to designing and producing professional-grade stainless steel food pans, chafing dishes, food warmers, and beverage dispensers.

Atosa 36-in Refrigeratred Chef Base / 36" Chef Base
Part# MGF8448GR
$2,912.00  $2,292.00
Free Shipping
Atosa 48-in Refrigeratred Chef Base / 48'' Chef Base
Part# MGF8450GR
$3,172.00  $2,490.00
Free Shipping
Atosa 48-in Stainless Steel Back Bar Cooler / 48'' Back Bar Cooler - S/S
Part# MBB48GR
$2,814.00  $2,108.00
Free Shipping
Atosa 52-in Refrigeratred Chef Base / 52'' Chef Base
Part# MGF8451GR
$3,396.00  $2,670.00
Free Shipping