ALC / Acid Line Cleaner (32oz)

ALC / Acid Line Cleaner (32oz)
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Part Number: CL-ALC-32
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ALC is your best defense against alkali resistant calcium oxalate in beer lines. The specialty hops found in many imported, craft or microbrews react with hard brewing water to produce calcium oxalate. Calcium oxalate is like beer stone, but is alkali resistant. Due to this resistance, our alkaline line of cleaners: BLC, Penetrate and DAC are not as effective. The result of using ALC will be beverage lines that give you the true taste of your beer.

ALC is formulated with metal protecting additives to protect faucets and fittings from the potent acids found in the product. Our high concentrate formula requires less product per gallon of water to achieve the same cleaning power of many other products on the market.

Use ALC as part of a regular cleaning rotation on lines with specialty brews, imports and beers using high calcium brewing water. We suggest an additional acid flush with every fifth cleaning or ten weeks (whichever comes first). It is important to do an alkaline cleaning with BLC, Penetrate or DAC first, rinse with water, then clean with ALC and rinse with water again before connecting beer supply.

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