50L Sanke Kegs / D Valve / Bulk Discount (Partial to Full Pallet)

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50L Sanke Kegs / D Valve / Bulk Discount (Partial to Full Pallet)
Brand: Thielmann
Part Number: SANKE-50L-BULK
Price: $1,519.60 to $4,318.80

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High quality 50L Sanke Kegs worthy of storing your beverage!

These 50L sanke kegs are constructed of strong and durable stainless steel and are first-class containers for safeguarding the quality of your craft beverages. These sanke kegs are easy to clean, easy to maintain and are built to last. We offer multiple customization options which give you multiple ways to brand and identify your kegs and set them apart from others out there. Featuring top-grade austenitic stainless steel, these kegs are highly corrosion resistant and guarantees years of services even in heavy-duty work conditions. Additionally, the use of stainless steel as the base of  all our kegs helps reduce carbon footprint as stainless steel is infinitely recyclable. The use of drop-in sanke valves helps protect your beverage from pollution that can occur over time with threaded sanke valves. 

Ordering Sanke Kegs for your Brewery

When it comes time to order new sanke kegs for your brewery, we've got 3 options. We can stack kegs 3 high with 8 - 50L sanke kegs per layer. Full pallet orders allow for customizations such as embossing, screen printing and color banding. See below for approximate shipping size and weight based on the quantity of kegs. 

Pallet Size Keg Size # of Kegs Approx Height Approx Weight Customization
Full Pallet 50L 24 75" 760 lbs Embossing, Banding, Screenprinting
2/3 Pallet 50L 16 52" 520 lbs Special Request / Surcharge & Fees Apply
1/3 Pallet 50L 8 29" 280 lbs Special Request / Surcharge & Fees Apply

50 Liter / 13.2 Gallon Sanke Keg Features

  • KEG VOLUME: American/US keg with a capacity of 13.2 gallons / 50L
  • REINFORCED CURLS: Extra protection in the areas most likely to suffer from accidental drops and impact
  • HAND HOLES: The hand holes are formed to provide a secure grip whilst also strengthening the skirt
  • CENTRAL WELD: TIG welding with state-of-the-art technology
  • KEG ID & MARKING: Wide range of custom markings available for easy identification
  • ROLLING RINGS: Add to the overall strength and integrity of the keg whilst improving handling

Sanke Keg Applications

  • Beer / Craft Beer
  • Wine
  • Soda / Soft Drinks
  • Cider
  • Juice
  • Water / Sparkling Water
  • Cold Brew Coffee / Nitro Coffee
  • Cocktails / Spirits
  • Kombucha

Sanke Keg Advantages

Sanke Keg Customization Options
Custom color banding on kegs
Color Banding

For a small fee, we can add color bands to customize your kegs. Color bands on kegs allow for easy identification, this option allows you to set your keg fleet apart with unified color scheme. You can choose your preferred colors from the Pantone system. Per keg charges apply.

Color Banding Fees
$4 per keg. One pallet minimum order. Provide Pantone color code.

Custom silk screening on kegs
Silk Screen Printing

Build your brand recognition by having your logo screen-printed onto the stainless steel body of your sanke keg. Just send us your logo, we can work with most formats, and tell us the Pantone color you prefer. Setup and per keg charges apply.

Screen Printing Fees
$349 artwork setup fee, $4 per keg. One pallet minimum order.

Custom embossing on keg chimes
Custom Keg Embossing

Free embossing with full pallet orders!
Take pride in seeing your brand name embossed into the chimes of our expertly manufactured stainless-steel kegs. From standard characters to full logo design*, embossing your logo will outstand your keg from the rest. Free embossing for full pallet orders.

Embossing Fees
$5 per keg Limited time promo - FREE. One pallet minimum order.
Character limits: 12 letters 1/6 & 1/4 bbls, 17 letters 1/2 bbls.

* Note: Full logo design embossing requires purchase of full container of kegs.

Available Sanke Keg Sizes & Measurements

Keg Size Volume (gal / liters) Diameter (in / mm) Weight (lb / kg) Height (in / mm)
50 Litere 15.55 / 70.5 15.6" / 395 28 / 13.0 20.9" / 530.9
1/2 Barrel 15.5 / 70.5 15.6" / 395 29.75 / 13.5 23.25" / 590.5
1/4 Barrel 7.75 / 35.2 10.9" / 278 17.6 / 8.0 23.25" / 590.5
1/6 Barrel 5.16 / 23.5 9" / 229 12.55 / 5.7 23.25" / 590.5

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Item / Part # Quantity Each Price
50L Sanke Kegs / D Valve / Bulk Discount (Partial to Full Pallet) - Qty 8
8 $189.95 $1,519.60 Add to Cart
50L Sanke Kegs / D Valve / Bulk Discount (Partial to Full Pallet) - Qty 16
16 $184.95 $2,959.20 Add to Cart
50L Sanke Kegs / D Valve / Bulk Discount (Partial to Full Pallet) - Qty 24
24 $179.95 $4,318.80 Add to Cart

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