Stainless Steel Mini Keg with Cap (Gooseneck)

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Stainless Steel Mini Keg with Cap (Gooseneck)
Brand: Keg Outlet
Part Number: MK-GN
Price: $69.95 List Price: $79.99

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2 Liter Stainless Steel Gooseneck Style Mini Keg with Cap

The all-new lineup of Stainless steel mini kegs by Keg Outlet are versatile containers commonly used for storing and dispensing beverages your favorite carbonated and nitrogenated beverages! They are popular among homebrewers for carbonating small batches of beer and taking it to parties to share with friends.  The vessels are made of durable 304 Stainless steel is ideal for this purpose as it's non-reactive and easy to clean, ensuring the purity of the beer.

Mini kegs are great for transporting beer to parties, picnics, or outdoor events. Their compact size and durable 304SS construction make them easy to carry and resistant to damage.

The mini-kegs are designed to be used with a compatible tap system, allowing for easy dispensing of beer, seltzers or other carbonated beverages without the need for bottles or cans. This makes them convenient for home use or small gatherings.

These stainless steel mini kegs can also be used for long-term storage of beer or other beverages. The airtight seal helps to preserve the freshness and flavor of the contents for extended periods and if you connect them to CO2 they can maintain a good level of carbonation for the life of the liquid inside. 

They're not just for beer! Stainless steel mini kegs can also be used for storing and dispensing other carbonated beverages like cider, seltzers, soda, kombucha, sparkling water and more!

The sleek and sexy gooseneck shape of the 2L (1/2 Gallon*) stainless steel mini-keg will 

* Appx volume

  • Material: 304 Stailness Steel
  • Size: 2L (appx 1/2 Gallon)
  • Compatible with draft head and facuet to carbonate and serve carbonated beverages directly from.

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MK-GN Stainless Steel Mini Keg with Cap (Gooseneck) $69.95 Add to Cart

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