Ss Brewtech Chronical Fermenter - Sampling and Racking Beer to a Keg / Gravity Transfer

Video: A Chronicle of My Time with the Chronical Fermenter

Hey Brew Crew! Let's spill the beans on the Ss Brew Tech Chronical Fermenter – my trusty sidekick in this homebrewing adventure. In this video, I'm stoked to walk you through the ins and outs of sampling, taking gravity readings, and pulling off a gravity transfer like a pro. And guess what? We're just getting started – closed transfer techniques are up next. Get ready to savor the magic of homebrewing like never before. Cheers, my brewing pals!

Sampling and Gravity Readings: My Brew Journal's Best Chapters

The Chronical make sampling for gravity readings a breeze. With the built in sample valve, there's no need to siphon or use a wine theif to steal a sample of your beer.

Gravity Transfer to Keg: A Homebrewer's Symphony

Ever wondered how to gracefully waltz your brew from the Chronical fermenter to a keg? Join me as I share the steps of gravity transfer – the homebrewer's symphony. No fancy gadgets, just good ol' gravity doing its thing. Get ready to witness the smoothest pour of your life.

Next on the Brew Menu: Closed Transfer Techniques

If you've got a Chronical, don't take this video or process as gospel... there are better ways to do things. We've got an exciting video in the works, unraveling the methods and benefits of closed transfer techniques. Together, we'll ensure that your liquid masterpiece goes from fermenter to keg without contact with oxygen (something we failed miserably at in this video).

Brewing Together: Cheers to Precision!

The Chronical Fermenter isn't just a piece of gear; it's a part of our brewing stories. By mastering these techniques, we're ensuring that our homebrews reach their full potential. Dive into the video, and let's celebrate the joy of brewing together. Cheers, my fellow homebrewing enthusiasts!

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