Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket Unboxing & Initial Setup

Video: Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket Unboxing/Setup

In this video, we guide you through the setup process of the original Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket, covering everything from unboxing to assembly. The comprehensive walkthrough provides insights into what to anticipate and essential steps to take before using your Ss Brew Bucket for the first time.

The video includes the following key points:

  • Unboxing
  • Overview of Included Hardware
  • Initial Cleaning
  • Passivation
  • Sanitization
  • Assembly

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Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket Specifications:

  • Crafted from brewers grade 304 stainless steel
  • Stackable design for convenient fermenting
  • Rotatable racking arm
  • 40° Conical Bottom for effective Trub Trapping
  • Comes with a 3/8" mini ball valve
  • 6.95-gallon capacity
  • Visual volume assessment with gallon markers inside (marks every half gallon from 4 gallons and up)
  • Nestable buckets for compact storage
  • Product dimensions: 21" H x 13" W
  • Weighs 10 lbs
  • Patent pending

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