Setting Up Your Kegerator for Serving Nitro Coffee on Draft

Video: Setting Up Your Kegerator for Serving Nitro Coffee on Draft

Learn how to set up your kegerator with a stout faucet specifically designed for nitro coffee service. From assembling the hardware to plumbing the lines and mounting the draft tower, this video covers every step of the process.

Gain valuable insights into the type of gas required and the optimal serving pressure to ensure the perfect pour of cold brew coffee from your stout faucet, commonly known as "nitro coffee".

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In this video, you'll discover how to:

  • Assemble the kegerator hardware
  • Install and plumb the gas and beverage lines
  • Mount the draft tower securely
  • Attach and set up the stout faucet
  • Connect the gas and liquid lines to the keg
  • Determine the appropriate type of gas for nitro coffee
  • Set the ideal pressure for serving nitro coffee
  • Master the art of pouring with a stout faucet

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