Nitro Infuser LE Dual Tap - NitroNow Inline Nitrogen Infuser

Nitro Infuser LE Dual Tap - NitroNow Inline Nitrogen Infuser
Brand: Enhanced Beverage Solutions
Part Number: 8100-11
Price: $595.00 List Price: $599.00

The LE model has been discontinued, consider a discounted upgrade to Nitro Infuser PRO Dual Tap
Stronger Infusion, Longer Warranty, Commercial Grade

The Nitro Infuser LE series is specifically designed for convenience stores, office use, and home use. The Nitro Infuser LE provides quick and easy nitro infusion a lower pricepoint than the Pro Nitro Infuser. Get your NitroNow with the Nitro Infuser LE.

The Nitro Infuser LE is the base model Nitro Infuser. This device is strategically designed for office coffee, real estate, convenience stores, home baristas and co-working office spaces. The infusion technology is easy to operate, making it an approachable piece of equipment for any environment.

This Dual Tap Nitro Infuser LE allows you to infuse and serve 2 different beverages simultaneously.

Nitro Infuser Pro vs Nitro Infuser LE Feature Comparison

  Nitro Infuser Pro Nitro Infuser LE
Removeable Barbs    
Durable, Draft Industry Standard Fittings    
Intertek / NSF Certification    
Low Volume Use (Home, Office)    
High Volume Use (Restaurant, Bar, Cafe)    
Manufacturer Warranty Full / 1 Year Limited / 6 Months

The Nitro Infuser is a great alternative to:

  • Micro Matic NIM / MININIM / Nitrogen Gas Infusion Module
  • Wilbur Curtis Nitro Infuser / NIB1 / NIB2 / NIB3

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Part # Description Price
8100-11 Nitro Infuser LE Dual Tap - NitroNow Inline Nitrogen Infuser $595.00

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