Nitro Infuser Gas Manifold Upgrade Kit / High Precision Adjustment

Nitro Infuser Gas Manifold Upgrade Kit / High Precision Adjustment
Part Number: NI-S1001
Brand: Enhanced Beverage Solutions
Price: $99.00 List Price: $199.00

This Nitro Infuser Gas Manifold Upgrade Kit replaces the existing gas distribution manifold with a high precision, lockable adjustment dial. The original design used an adjustable shutoff valve that had a 90-degree adjustment range which could be a little bit "finnicky" being that there was such a small "sweet spot" when setting the nitrogen flow through a 90-degree shutoff valve. The other main issue was that if the lever got bumped when changing out a keg, it would require the user to reset it - not a hard task, but it was just another step that didn't need to be there.

The new high precision adjustment dial eliminates both of the problems mentioned above. The new adjustment dial is infinitely more precise, so dialing in and adjusting the nitrogen flow for the perfect nitrogen infusion is much easier and not nearly as touchy. Secondly, the new adjustment dial has a lock nut on it, so once the proper nitro infusion is set, you simply tighten down the lock nut and don't have to worry about the optimal adjustment being jarred or knocked out of place inadvertantly.

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The perfect solution to our adjustment problem February 5, 2019

While I have to admit that our original Nitro Infuser worked great for us, I have to say, we did have some tough times when our adjustment lever would get bumped or when we couldn't get it set "just right".

This high-precision upgrade kit solves all of those problems - it's so much easier to adjust and dial in the perfect amount of nitro infusion PLUS you're able to lock the setting in place once you get it dialed in!

Great work! Thanks for making this!

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