How to Install a Stout Faucet/Nitro Tap for Serving Nitro Cold Brew on Draft

Video: How to Install a Stout Faucet/Nitro Tap for Serving Nitro Cold Brew on Draft

Welcome to the ultimate guide on bringing the magic of nitro cold brew to your own tap! Our video walks you through the step-by-step process of installing a stout faucet in your keezer or refrigerator, allowing you to serve stouts or cold brewed nitro coffee with ease.

Why Nitro Coffee? If the idea of pouring a creamy, "Guinness-like" cold brew coffee straight from your tap has been lingering in your dreams, you're in the right place. This video tutorial unveils the secrets of creating that velvety nitro coffee experience right at home.

Installation Made Easy: Watch as we guide you through each crucial step:

0:00 Intro / Mark Install Location
0:12 Drill Hole for New Tap
0:32 Install Stainless Steel Shank
0:47 Install Stainless Stout Faucet
1:01 Attach the Beer Line
1:18 Attach Nitrogen Regulator
1:40 Start Pouring Stout or Nitro Coffee
1:56 Outro

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Got Questions? We're Here: If you have any specific questions or need further assistance after watching the video, feel free to use our contact form or leave a comment below. Your nitro coffee dreams are just a few steps away – let's make them a reality together!

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