Freezer to Kegerator Thermostat - Temperature Controller - Digital

Freezer to Kegerator Thermostat - Temperature Controller - Digital
Brand: Keg Outlet
Part Number: FR200
Price: $89.95 List Price: $99.99

This item has been replaced with the InkBird Dual Stage Thermostat.

Freezer to Kegerator Thermostat - Temperature Controller

This is a new thermostat, which will allow you to quickly and easily convert a freezer to a refrigerator for you beer kegs!  Just plug the thermostat into a standard wall outlet, plug your freezer or refrigerator into the thermosts, and set the temperature to what you would like your refrigerator or freezer to stay at.  Its that easy!

This is great for those who want to use a chest style freezer box for their homebrew Cornelius/Firestone kegs.

The flexible wire sensor is designed so you can just run it through the door (very thin, fits through the gasket when you shut the door) or through a small hole that you dril. Easy to use adjustable dial ranges from -40F to 212F.

Convert a freezer into a refrigerator.  Or convert a freezer or refrigerator into a keezer for fermenting lagers or ales at specific and regulated temperatures!


The A421 Series controls are single stage, electronic temperature controls with a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) output relay. The controls feature an adjustable backlit LCD for viewing the temperature and status of other functions, and a three-button touchpad for setup and adjustment. An LED indicates the On/Off status of the output relay.

The A421 control is 120 VAC. The A421 controls provide heating or cooling control, sensor offset, temperature setback, adjustable anti-short cycle delay, and a restricted user adjustment mode. The temperature units can be displayed in °F or °C. The temperature adjustment range is -40 to 212°F or -40 to 100°C. The A421 automatically changes from heating and cooling. 

The A421 controls are available in Type 1/IP20 high-impact plastic enclosures suitable for surface or DIN rail mounting and Type 4X/IP66 watertight, corrosion-resistant surface mount enclosures.



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FR200 Freezer to Kegerator Thermostat - Temperature Controller - Digital $89.95

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