Enhancing Kombucha with Natural Fruit Flavor During Second Fermentation

Video: Enhancing Kombucha with Natural Fruit Flavor During Second Fermentation

This video provides a step-by-step demonstration of how to infuse natural fruit flavor into your kombucha during the second fermentation process. While we used raspberries in this demonstration, feel free to experiment with your preferred fruits such as strawberries or blueberries.

Once your kombucha completes its primary fermentation in the stainless steel fermenter, remove the scoby and introduce your fresh, washed fruit. In this video, we showcase the process of making raspberry kombucha, adding approximately 1 cup of fresh fruit per gallon of fermenting kombucha, totaling 5 cups of fresh raspberries. Allow the kombucha to ferment with the fruit for an additional 3-5 days to develop the desired flavor profile.

Discover the equipment featured in this video for kombucha brewing and fermenting here: [Link to equipment].

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