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Say goodbye to clamps!  Duotight and EVABarrier will revolutionize how you connect your draft beverage lines with their push-in fittings!  Easily connect and disconnect your draft lines - no need to use hose clamps or cut your tubing to remove it.   Worried about leaks?  You dont have to! Duotight fittings offer a superior connection and seal than similar push-in fittings. They'll hold tight even when your lines are turning a tight corner, and they're pressure rated up to 100 psi.  These push style draft beverage fittings, come with a variety of styles and sizes for all your draft beverage applications; use them as tailpieces on shanks and keg couplers, replace the swivel nut and barb on your flared ball lock or pin lock disconnects, or add in-line shut off or check valves to your draft lines. And with a few tees and ball valves, you can put together a gas manifold for a fraction of the price of a typical brass or aluminum manifold.

EVABarrier is the tubing of choice to be used with our line of Duotight fittings. This high-quality double walled tubing offers superior protection against oxidation, CO2 loss and microbial growth. The outer barrier gives the tubing a nice stiffness that makes it extremely kink-resistant and perfect for use with push-in fittings.  Plus, it's BPA and PVC free.  The inner wall is an excellent gas barrier, keeping oxygen out and CO2 in. The internal surface of the tubing is extremely smooth, making it difficult for bacteria and microbes to cling to. All sizes of EVABarrier can be used for either gas or beverage line, but be sure to check the recommended lengths for beer lines.

Quickly setup and change all your draft systems with ease by implementing the duotight draft push fittings in your bar, restaurant or mancave!